Lightning Princess: A Magic Academy Fantasy and Dark Covenant Universe Novel (The Solomon Academy of Magic Book 1)
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A demigod princess stumbles upon a shocking discovery: a magic-powered machine with enough heart to become her little sister, and enough power to destroy her world.

Cass, the hot-headed “Lightning Princess” of a hidden magical city and granddaughter of Zeus, spends her days arguing with her father and sneaking out of the prison she calls “home.” That all changes when her treasure-hunting best friend invites her on a secret expedition to a faraway island.

By chance or by fate, Cass unseals an ancient ruin and meets Gally—a life-like machine straight out of the pages of Greek myths. Why was she kept down there, and why could Cass open the seal?

To find answers, Cass takes her new “sister” to the prestigious—and totally unsafe—Solomon Academy of Magic. Student population: angels, demons, shifters, dragons, and a handsome jerk who won’t leave her alone.

Cass will need to deal with classes, exams, boys (ewww), and death-defying adventures at school and beyond if she hopes to unravel the mysteries behind Gally…and herself.

But those answers may place her, the academy, and the world in far greater danger than she could have possibly imagined...

Suit up in your academy uniform. She's going to take the class by storm...

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