Mægrus: Rise of Rebels (The Chasmwalker Chronicles Book 1)
A Bounty Hunter with a past… Sylvrana Abannes prefers her world in black and white. As a bounty hunter, she has no room for gray. This all changes when a hunt goes wrong and she is roped into the tangled political web of a raging rebellion led by the conniving yet compelling warlock Kain Pyke. As gray spreads into her life against her own will Sylvi discovers that her life contained many more secrets than she ever knew. A Slave with a grudge... Kain Pyke was fed a lie since birth. Born as a slave under one of the harshest farms in Northern Eltrana he has only known pain and punishment. Since his freedom he has taken down several key elven houses that held humans in bondage; however, when he ensnares the rough around the edges bounty hunter Sylvi he doesn’t understand just how much of an asset and crutch she would become in his plans for a greater Eltrana. However, the more time Kain spends with Sylvi the more he questions his own hatred. Can Kain push past his resentment for elves and can Sylvi accept him as he is? Will they see past their differences or is their budding romance headed towards and ever approaching demise? A King with a secret... Orrin Iandrius has led a life of lavish expense and luxury. As king of the wealthiest elven kingdom, Eltrana, he wants for nothing and has everything within his grasp. That is until a plot to overthrow his regime goes underway. After an attempt on his life by poisoning, Orrin begins to lose control of the well manicured guise he’s perfected over hundreds of years. Fearing that his dark secret could be revealed at any moment he flees the throne to seek answers. Will the answer to his question save him or doom him eternally?
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