Mythological Universe: Tinge of Inner Energy
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Leon was an ordinary boy with everyday life until a fateful day. From that day on his entire life, his entire reality changed. However, this also was the change he always wished for. Taking the novels he has always been reading as a guide, Leon and his friends began to take their steps in their new reality. In their world inner energy does exist. More than that, different races also do exist. All those mythological races that could only be found in fantasy worlds, in fact, were also living with them, unbeknownst to normal people. Those dreamy magical abilities, which everyone had dreamed of at least once in their lives, also do exist. Is that all? What if mightier beings also exist? Were they truly alone in that boundless darkness? Are they sure they are the only ones out there? What if there were highly technological, alien races existing somewhere far? What if those civilizations with mind-blowing technologies also are nothing more than cattle in the ever-expanding universe? This universe is where strong rules with iron-fist. And this is the tale of a low-tier race rising against the all-mighty Gods with their own powers, trickery, and ambition. This also is the tale of completely ordinary children without anything different to tell creating their own tales.