Remy vs. Rome
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Remy vs. Rome by Bonnie Callahan

FROM DEBUT AUTHOR BONNIE CALLAHAN COMES A MYSTERY/ROMANTIC COMEDY CROSSOVER FILLED WITH HUMOR, HEART, AND ADVENTURE. In the heart of the Eternal City, ancient secrets aren’t the only thing getting uncovered. Heartbroken, Remy flies to Rome—the site of her first kiss—to get over her ex and rediscover herself. On her first night in the city, she jumps into her new life by agreeing to a date with a smooth-talking Italian stranger who, as fate would have it, turns out to be a jerk…and a most wanted international criminal to boot. Implicated in the theft of an ancient amulet, Remy finds herself under house arrest and in the protection of Lorenzo Rossi, the infuriatingly handsome Sicilian detective in charge of the investigation. The case is a make-or-break situation for both of them, and together, they must solve a series of clues to track down the amulet and the bad guys—all while struggling to keep their finger grazes to a minimum and their partnership appropriate. Their investigation takes them on an intimate, two millennia treasure hunt through Rome, where Remy digs up more than she bargained for.
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