Shadow of Coventry
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Shadow of Coventry by Aya DeAniege


Ava wakes up one morning with the eternity symbol tattooed on her wrist, a pounding headache, and dim memories of a heated connection. Determined to get to the bottom of what happened, she finds a private detective to help track down her one-night stand.

From the detective, Ava learns that magic is real, but humans can’t see it until they received their first glyph. Said to be gifts from the gods, glyphs vary in strength and capabilities. A person can earn seven glyphs. Each will influence what the previously earned can do.

The glyph forced on Ava is called coventry. It’s one of the few transmittable glyphs and does little to nothing. The good news is coventry can be removed by the one who passed it on. The bad news is he’s been on the run for nearly a decade, and there’s an unfortunate side effect to coventry: the one who receives it is bound to the one who delivers it as it was delivered, meaning she can’t help but feel all a-tingle when she lays eyes on him.