Soup of the Universe: An Interdimensional Adventure
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Soup of the Universe is a thrilling interdimensional adventure that will take you to the furthest reaches of space-time.

Depending on how you look at it, interdimensional travel is either a fantastic way of experiencing the wonders of the Universe, or a rather nasty fancy that merely pokes holes in the fabric of reality.

When these two outlooks collide within the Hub – an artificial pocket of space where every conceivable world intersects – an explosive confrontation is all but inevitable.

In one corner there's Marcus, an eccentric scholar who made his name by exploring the distant corners of space-time and facing unspeakable horrors armed with nothing but a bag of notes, together with any allies he can talk into joining his cause. And boy, can he talk.

And in the other we have an advanced race of avian humanoids who dispatch a team of highly-trained operatives specializing in interdimensional sabotage to the Hub. Once there, they intend to save the Universe by blowing up everyone they deem a threat.

Demons, constructs, sentient buildings, undead comedians, and even a regiment of US marines all play a part in their plan to destroy the Hub and Marcus's subsequent attempts to foil it.

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