The Heir
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The Heir by Claudia Klein


Sisters, separated by war... 

Brothers, separated by hate...

So begins The Heir, the story of Kat and Lucy, princesses of Arbinad, and Thomas and Eric, princes of Erlingue.

Kat, ever the tomboy, is caught in the midst of battle and made captive by Prince Eric of Erlingue. Lucy escapes capture by fleeing the mainland and finds safety in the crumbling island country of Everscene.

She is welcomed there by Queen Araleigh and Prince Marcus, but her new life quickly becomes chaotic as Everscene is plunged into civil war.

Meanwhile, Prince Thomas of Erlingue desires to be king. But as second in line to the throne, his wish is denied as he jealously watches his brother Eric take the throne and continue their father's war on the free peoples of the world.

Through a series of events Prince Thomas, Kat, and Lucy team up, seeking sinister King Eric's ultimate demise. But Eric is working for a darker power.

Who will win in the end?

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