The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader

New Synopsis for The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader

The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader Synopsis. Soon after the Universe was created there was the End Time Scrolls. These Scrolls prophesied that there would be three sons at the turn of the 21st Century left unchecked could destroy the world.

The End Time Scrolls also prophesize after disasters like earthquakes and dictators. Thus, the Brotherhood is tasked with stopping what is prophesied in the End Time Scrolls from happening. The main protagonist of the story James Emmanuel is one of the boys prophesied by the End Time Scrolls. James has the magical ability to influence the world through him by magical speech.   The Brotherhood has had a bloody dynasty and is currently ruled by Grand Master Jauffere Richards.

There is a coup within the Brotherhood as less and less people within the Brotherhood think Jauffere is a worthy Grand-master, and do not believe that his son Martin, who is incompetent is a fit ruler. Under Jauffere’s rule the Brotherhood tries to kill James Emmanuel as a baby, one of the sons mentioned in the End Time Scrolls. James emerges 13 years later to combat the Brotherhood. In the end who will become leader of the Brotherhood and who will win between the war of the Brotherhood and James’s forces and power.

Genre: Fantasy
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