The Wild Hunt (Wolfcraft Book 1)
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How far would you run to get away from a monster? Where could you run if the monster might be you?


Sam has fled from everyone and everything she knows, to a small town at the foot of a mountain and on the edge of the forest. Here she hopes to live out a solitary life, keeping others at arm’s length so that they can’t hurt her—and she won’t hurt them. Out there, in the middle of nowhere, maybe she can discover why it feels like the forest is calling to her, or maybe give a name to the darkness within her that keeps trying to get out.


Sam came looking for solitude, but she quickly meets a kind stranger who offers her a job and maybe hopes for something more. She finds friendship on the rougher side of town, where a local motorcycle gang is led by a rough and charismatic man who claims to know who—and what—she really is. When this formerly sleepy town is rocked by a string of grisly murders, Sam finds herself hunting for the killers and following a trail of evidence that leads back to her new friends.


Sam thought she was running away from her inner darkness, but her path only leads to a truth wilder than she could ever have imagined, and to ancient powers that believe her to be destined to break their bonds and unleash their fury on this world.

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