This Boundary Will Not Bind Us: Night Gem, Book 1

"Why did you play piano alone?"
"The music... is ruined by all the people."

There's no space for solitude in the commune of Ynas. Personal histories are erased. Children sleep in groups, engage chores collectively, and contribute to the community as a family. The authorities call them Samies, but Aera is not the same. Her dreams are hellscapes of beauty and horrors, more real to her than the gray monotony of Ynas.

Aera's double life is interrupted when two people seek her out: Vaye, a mystical elder who offers her a book of unfathomable secrets; and Cyrrus, a charming, arrogant genius who helps her decode the symbols inside. Lured into a realm of arcane relics and forbidden magic, Aera's brush with passion puts her friendships on the line. What will it cost?

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: