Up There
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Up There by Sherry Roberts

For those who dream of flying. Ariel Lee finds trouble when she rides the wind in this magical story of love and self-discovery.

Ariel Lee comes from a long line of women with the gift of flight. The wind speaks to her and helps her secretly ride the skies above the family farm in Cosette, Minnesota, but it also causes her trouble. When she decides to reject the call of the wind, she loses her connection not only with the skies but with herself. Years later, Ariel is drawn back to Cosette, where she finds the wind—and a storm of decisions—waiting for her. Can she rediscover her place in this world of wind and sky in time to save herself and the man she loves?

Up There lifts readers into a captivating blend of magical realism as it explores love, small-town life, the environment, and one woman's quest to find herself.
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