Whispers Through The Canvas
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Whispers Through The Canvas by Kathleen McGillick

When an unconventional art historian is drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy after a young artist's brutal murder, she must race against time to decipher the dark secrets hidden within a 16th-century painting - secrets that hold the key to stopping a twisted occultist from rewriting the past and shattering the future. Unconventional art historian Rowan Southeil finds her quiet life upended when a young painter is gruesomely slain in a manner eerily reminiscent of medieval violence. The only clue Rowan can find is a 500-year-old work of art, its canvas drenched in arcane symbols. Aided by the victim's haunting presence, Rowan delves into the painting's mysterious origins, uncovering a trail of clues that leads her on a daring journey through time. From the storied halls of Tudor London to the secretive corridors of the 17th-century Vatican, Rowan awakens powerful elemental forces within herself as she races to unravel the painting's connection to an ancient, diabolical conspiracy. But a dark, centuries-old occultist also seeks to harness the portrait's magic, hell-bent on restoring his twisted vision of the past. Can Rowan stop him from shattering the future before it's too late?
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