Genres : Teen and Young Adult

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Date: 12/12/2023
Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that's the least of Jetsam's worries. What must the aspiring wizard do once magic is outlawed and his parents are murdered? Can the teen survive an infamous bounty hunter,...
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Date: 12/11/2023
A book designed to help women and girls deal with rape and sexual attacks, and layout a path to increase the percentage of successful prosecutions above the meagre 1.50% at present.
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Grace by Cruz Medina

Date: 12/02/2023
Caroline Weber, a young female pilot working for a secret military group in the 1960s, struggles with depression, anxiety, and PTSD after witnessing her family’s murder. She is determined to avenge her family’s death but...
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Date: 12/01/2023
Haunted by strange visions. Guarded by a captivating warrior. Hunted by a vengeful goddess. And that's just the start of Meghan's troubles with the fae... I never heard him come after me and even as...
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Soul Living by Cherry-Ann Craigwell

Date: 11/30/2023
Soul Living defines the S.E.L.F. In this writing it reveals to the reader the need for S.E.L.F. awareness. Soul Living takes the reader into a journey of what they are and how the what is...
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What Tragedies Make by Elegy Lanier

Date: 11/28/2023
After getting involved with a drug ring investigation as an unofficial police intern, 18-year-old Kipp Green meets convicted murderer Morgan Toner. Morgan, a 17-year-old who was convicted of murder at age 12, is still haunted...
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Date: 11/23/2023
With the vampire formula, the user can transform into a vampire for a night, complete with the awesome powers afforded to the dark immortals.For Jon Harper, adolescence has been a revolving door of bullying, torment,...
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The Lightworkers by Elie James Wile

Date: 11/20/2023
MYSTERY AND MURDER ENSUE WHEN THE CARNIVAL COMES TO TOWN. Thea’s entire life has been a lie. As high school graduation nears, she yearns for a purpose... and for a family, but on the outskirts...
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Date: 11/19/2023
As well as decoys and twists aplenty, Saturday's Angels touches upon a multitude of issues which are pertinent to a young audience today, including mental health, substance abuse, sexuality, rivalry and belonging – in all...
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Date: 11/06/2023
Despite the illusion of social media, many believe that travel is reserved for the affluent or those with endless hours to spare on lengthy transatlantic flights. Here's the fantastic news—traveling has never been more accessible...
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