After They Came

After They Came by Dan Harary


Jonathan Tuckerman, a Los Angeles man down on his luck and truly alone in life, reaches his 70th birthday and decides to mark the occasion by drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, he inadvertently becomes the world’s “Wonder Man” after a pair of extra-terrestrial visitors from the Pleiades interdimensional star system suddenly appear in a giant spacecraft, pluck him from the sea and present him to the media and the world as their sole “Ambassador to Mankind.”

Jonathan’s life is instantly – and dramatically - transformed forever, as he works closely with the magnificent Tall White aliens Jorthon and Kalyssa to solve virtually each and every one of man’s long-insurmountable problems.

Jorthon and Kalyssa aren’t the only aliens on Earth, however. While Jonathan’s life has infinitely improved by the arrival of these benevolent aliens, not everything is as copasetic as it seems. The Draconians, a long-hidden race of ancient – and sinister - extra-terrestrials, suddenly make their presence on Earth known, livid that Tuckerman and the “Tall Whites” have received global accolades for their remarkable achievements. The Draconians and their heinous leader believe they have long been ignored by the Tall Whites – and by God himself – for their miserable existence, as they decide to seek recognition, retribution and revenge. 

After They Came takes the reader—indeed, the entire human race—on a wild ride through UFO research and lore, global politics, climate change, religion, true love, a family reunion, and “the meaning of life itself,” all set against the backdrop of unprecedented extra-terrestrial intervention.  The novel presents unlimited possibilities for achieving global peace and prosperity – dreams heretofore unattainable by modern man. It is a story of loneliness reversed, despair erased, and one man’s wholly remarkable destiny fulfilled. 

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