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Date: 03/24/2023
The Holy Spirit is a divine person with a presence. He is the third Person of the Godhead. Without a better understanding of the Holy Spirit, we cannot walk with Him. Connect with this book...
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Nate and the cake by Sannette Grant

Date: 03/22/2023
Childrens book; A kids bedtime story on obedience to God, an important skill to learnChristian childrens books on obedience are very important. In this bedtime stories children's picture book on obedience to God, mother tells...
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Nosce Te Ipsum by Ernest January

Date: 03/20/2023
"Nosce te ipsum" means to "To Know Thyself". The aphorism "Know Thyself" was carved on the front of the Temple of Apollo in Pronaos by the Greeks. As a reminder for them to discover their...
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Date: 03/01/2023
In Unique, Anna shares her deeply personal experience with insecurity, inadequacy, and guilt in her first years as a mother and how that affected her marriage, motherhood, and relationship with God.With great vulnerability, she discloses the...
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Date: 01/11/2023
Legends can captivate with an aura of mystery, urging us to embrace known truths, or boldly seek out our own through the fine art of self-discovery. This recount of a horrifying ordeal takes you along...
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Date: 12/08/2022
Life can be hard. But you don't have to go through challenges and heartache alone. You may wish you could communicate and receive messages from the divine to answer your questions and help you through life. Well, good news: God is...
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Date: 11/21/2022
The work he proposes here, is a simple, fast and effective approach.For you too to be able to understand the subtleties of the bible, as quickly and well as a member of the church.Simple: Just follow each chapter step by step.Fast: The...
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The Ordained Demon by OLADAPO OSUNTOKUN

Date: 11/14/2022
 This book is a "must-read" for everyone leading a church, a group of converts, Christian counselors, students in the Bible schools, and even those planning to pick an occupation in a church or provide religious...
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Revelation Explained by K.J. Soze

Date: 11/08/2022
Revelation Explained guides us on a trail of ancient Bible prophecies from the Old Testament to their final forms. These markers allow us to have confidence in knowing how to interpret the symbology in the...
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About Alcohol by Tristan Mowrey

Date: 11/05/2022
In our everyday lives, alcohol is everywhere served at holiday celebrations, advertised on billboards, and sitting in our kitchen cabinets. Drinking can be a lot of fun. But why does it sometimes turn into a...