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Ferhat Arslan falls into a puzzle of contrasts and perplexing circumstances as a father and husband. His wife, Aliyah wants to divorce him, and the reason? It is unknown to him. However, his children Ava and Ryan have such a profound hatred for their father but why? Again, no idea. The situation becomes even more confusing when he discovers that he possesses some unique and exciting abilities. When the horrifying revelations come to light, he realizes he is a Damaris. A rare supernatural being.

Once he was deemed the chosen one, the one who can defeat the Dragons and protect his family and the world, he prepared for the Great War. It becomes even nastier when his close ones are ripped from him consecutively and he must choose his path wisely and fight the dragons with the Phoenix bird. And that is when he starts playing with magics and protects his loved ones.

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