Like Father Like Son: First Time
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Brandon is in the process of becoming a man. He's figuring out who he is and what he wants. But he's never been quite sure of a few things. He always assumed he was straight, even though he'd had a crush on his gym teacher. That happens, hormones surging, personality in flux. It was just a phase.

Or was it?

Now he's older and he should know himself better, but he's been holding back. He hasn't been ready to explore his true desires.

Then his best friend told him about "the game" and suddenly he felt he had a way to explore his desires without any labels.

He liked that idea.

In some ways he wasn't like other guys. At his age most guys knew what they were, what they liked, what they wanted, hell some of them were even married with kids!

But not Brandon. He'd been holding off, holding back.

Until now.

After playing "the game" with his best friend, he saw something that would open him up and allow his desire to come flooding out in a torrent of wild exploration.

It would be the summer of Brandon's awakening.

Join him.

He'd love to have you.

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