Otherworld by Tony Bagley


The year is 2021. In Britain it is 3132.

Britain is a dictatorship without a capital city. It is split into tribal areas and worships pagan deities presided over by Earth Mother Goddess. It outlaws mixed marriages and executes illegal immigrants in an effort to sustain ‘racial purity’. Spoken language has no past tense: there is just now.

The country’s leader, Chief Burrovadi, is fighting a ruinous civil war against an insurgent Communist army bankrolled by French America, a pariah state that funds ‘wars of liberation’ around the world. Burrovadi’s Christian allies from East Normandy and Old Brettanoi are war-weary and want to go home.

Eronn, a lawyer on Burrovadi’s staff, is about to learn that her government’s mantra—that Britain has never suffered an invasion it has not been able to repel—may not be entirely accurate.

Official history may not accord with reality.

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