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Tired of looking for information and bits of advice about motherhood and breastfeeding? Then read Postpartum Nutrition - Eating for Postpartum Healing, Breastfeeding and Reducing the Risk of Postpartum Depression! Just had a baby? Then you’ve got lots of questions that need answers!

Here’s a long-awaited nutritional guide that will cover the following concepts:

  • Why postpartum nutrition is important. After all, you are no longer pregnant!
  • Eating your way to recovery - Foods that will help you heal faster after childbirth
  • Recovering a new, energized you. Avoiding stress and depression triggers, fostering consistent successful lactation
  • Learn about postnatal depletion and postpartum depression and how to avoid triggers which cause the syndromes
  • Learning about safe and healthy foods for your baby to foster growth and development, while learning about vital nutrients & potential allergens
  • Tips and tricks to cope with common motherhood dilemmas!
  • Eat Smart to Improve Mother-Baby Nutrition and Increase Your Breast Milk Supply
  • Omega 3s improve baby’s brain health and ease depression triggers. Heme irons help you heal faster and strengthen the baby’s immune system. Every essential macro and micro-nutrient for baby and you is discussed!
  • As well as lactogenic food, allergy causing foods and common nutrient-dense foods - Plus a whole lot more POSTNATAL COPING TIPS, TRICK and ADVISE!

Learn to love yourself and become the awesome mom you want to be! Understand that all moms struggle and don’t have all the answers. We’re all in this together to learn from each other, and grow! Remember that you are strong, enduring, and resilient, and deserve only the best during this time of healing and bonding with your new baby.

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