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The year is 2027 and the United States of America has come to a grinding halt. An unknown virus that can kill in a matter of hours is in the air. Leaving home is a death sentence ... or so Jack thinks. As a foreigner stuck on American soil until the end of quarantine, Jack is in the deepest depths of depression — until disaster strikes.

In a bid to save his sister from certain death, Jack meets a golden goose that transcends the limitations of the digital sphere, leading him to Bean, who is none other than the POTUS's daughter. Together, they uncover the truth about the virus with the help of some unlikely allies. They must fight the insidious forces trying to control humanity. With their lives on the line, they must deliver the hidden truth to the highest office in the United States.

Last Generation is a series of magical realism action and adventure novels that tell a story of the battle between good and evil that has been waging since the dawn of time. In this spin-off instalment, The Deep State Interchange makes sense of the horrors that have occurred up until this moment and our heroes begin to fight back.

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